Setup My Team’s Adobe Version Cue

Have a research in team work about the Adobe Version Cue, show out some experence on it.

The first problem I meet is that:

Can not find Version Cue icon in the system tray or the Adobe Version Cue in the control panel does not work.


I installed Version Cue CS3 on windows 2003 server 64 bit. After install, restart and starting the version cue server there is no version cue icon in the system tray. If i double click the “Adobe Version Cue CS3” item in the Control Panel i still don’t get the Version Cue Preferences where i can set RAM, data folders, etc.

And it comes out while running XP Pro 32bit.


double-clicking this file directly: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS3\Server\bin\VersionCueCS3.cpl

Where is the View Logs located?


Log files are located here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS3\Server\logs

How to Start Version Cue Services with system?


System: Windows Server 2003, Mysql, Apache

Version Cue cannot start with the system whether you have set the service Adobe Version Cue Automatic. Once you set Automatic start, service status option the services manager is disable.

However, if you choose manul, every time start the services manully, it works well.


Viewed the log files, find that

java.lang.IllegalStateException: DataXtend initialization failed: com.persistence.ddc.bootstrap.StartupException: Error encountered during DataXtend service startup: com.persistence.container.ContainerException: ContainerException = name: DATASOURCE_ERR, description: ODBC Data Source Error: HYT00 -- 
 Message: [MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver]Unknown MySQL server host 'localhost' (11004), category: 10320, code: 12001, database code: 0, index: 0.

So problem come out of the conflict between mysql and Version Cue as Version is using Mysql too.

Update Versioncue CS3 to CS4


Firstly, I wanner use Adobe Drive connect to my Version Cue CS3 dedicate server. Unfortunately, it turns out that Adobe Drive can ONLY connect to Version Cue CS4 right now. So I have to update my server.

Project is on the way… So I have to setup a teamworkable environment immediately. Evryone install both bridge CS3 and CS4, work with bridge cs3…

To Be Continue…

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