Windows7 Profile Problem : Local Profile “Lost” and has status “Backup” and a new which was created for the user at logon has status “Temp”


  1. User exist for long time in AD (let’s refer to this as DOMAIN\Username)
  2. User has for long time logged on to the same PC and the profile exist on this (not roamed).
  3. Profile is found as C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Profile shown in User Profiles (System Properties -> Advanced) as DOMAIN\Username
  4. User log on to DOMAIN (i.e. not the PC directly – no account exist for the User on the PC).

What happend:

  • l User logged into the domain on the PC this morning and get’s a new profile created upon Default profile, i.e. user complain icons and application settings are lost.

What is seen now:

  1. Profile is still found as C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\ (i.e. no .000 etc.)
  2. Looking at User Profiles (System Properties -> Advanced) I find two profiles named DOMAIN\Username – only apparent difference (except size of course is less of the newly created/last modified) is the Status of the "real" profile is "Backup" and the Status of the newly created is "Temp". I also note that "real" profile can have "type changed" be "deleted" and "copied to" whereas the newly created can only be "Change Type" (buttons "Delete" and "Copy To" are grey’ed out).


  1. Is there a way I can get the "real" profile back?
  2. Has this anything to do with changing the "Status" (as detailed in ‘8’ above)?


Use UPHClean to deal with this problem, download it here: UPHClean and other profile ramblings

You can view the solution given by Microsoft: You experience log off problems on a Windows XP-based, Windows Server 2003-based, Windows 2000-based, or Windows NT 4.0-based computer